The new shopping experience


from autumn 2025

The new shopping experience

We are expanding STRELAPARK for you! The opening of the extension will be celebrated in autumn 2025.

You can look forward to a further 6,000 qm of space with 20 new stores and an expansion of our health centre.

However, we will be there for you in full size every day as usual! Enjoy our good transport connections, the free car park and have a great time with us.

You can find more information in our brochure (PDF)


A total of over 2,000 free parking spaces are available, including over 1,360 in the new multi-storey car park.

Expansion of the health centre
Around 500 qm of rental space is available for new specialisations. A new green atrium with floor-to-ceiling windows for the surgeries and skylights provide sufficient daylight in the health centre.