Electric vehicle charging station

There’s now a charging point for two electric vehicles in front of the STRELAPARK!
Charge your electric vehicle for free during your shopping at STRELAPARK.

Use the electric charging station for free during our opening times. 
You don't have to use the SMS authentication anymore, if you download the free App "charge it easy" at AppleStore or GooglePlayStore. 

You can find our charging station next to the parking area of Mc Donald's in the outer area of the STRELAPARK. 

Fees besides our opening times:
during the charging process until 22 kW: 0,40 Euro / kWh
after the charging process: 0,40 Euro / 15 minutes

Besides you can still recharge your vehicle with a RFID-card of other providers. Within this variant you will have to pay the fees you agreed on with your card provider.